Molecules, our newest chemistry card game, is now available!   

Molecules is an easy-to-learn and fun-to-play chemistry card game.  In Molecules, players compete to create various molecular compounds such as water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and even more complex molecules like acetic acid (vinegar).  Players compete to collect sets of atom cards that match the atoms in the various molecular compounds.  The game ends when a player completes the fourth molecular compound and the player with the most points wins.  

This game has just the right mix of education and geeky fun that chemistry students, chemistry teachers, chemistry enthusiasts, and gamers will enjoy!  Gameplay is easy to learn and quick to teach, which makes it ideal for the classroom.  As players play Molecules, they will learn about chemical stability, valency, chemical nomenclature, the octet rule, types of bonding, molecular geometry, and more.


  • Contents: 30 Molecule Cards, 80 Atom Cards, & 4 Quick Reference Cards
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 12 & up
  • Time: 30-40 min


Our goal at EFG is to make chemistry content less confusing and more approachable by creating games that use chemistry in a fun and inviting way.  We want learning to be fun and rewarding.  We create games that have easy-to-learn rules and at the same time help students to practice the fundamental principles of chemistry!



Players compete by drawing and trading atom cards to collect a set that matches the atoms in various molecular compounds.  Players score points as they complete each molecule.  The player with the most points wins!


Chemistry: An Atom Building Game

This is a deck building game, where the deck represents an atom.  Players convert quark points into protons, neutrons & electrons.  The player with the largest atom wins!



In Meltdown, players work together to keep a nuclear power plant from undergoing a core meltdown.  In this cooperative game, players gain control rods by answering questions.  The control rods are then used to maintain the stability of the core!


In this game, students compete to create the atom that has the most protons, neutrons and electrons by the end of the game.  Students answer review questions to gain quark points, which are converted into the various subatomic particles.  Students can also use quark points to buy Chemistry cards.  Chemistry cards give the students more actions, such as "draw more question cards", "gain extra quark points", "draw more cards from your deck", etc.  

Chemistry: An Atom Building Game is a deck building card game where the deck represents the students' atom.  This is a fun and exciting way for students to study for test!

So, if you are tired of playing Jeopardy! and Who Wants to be a Millionaire style review games or if you want a review game that is completely student-centered or if you want something that is a change of pace then I know that Chemistry: An Atom Building Game is what you need!

 Chemistry: An Atom Building Game is now available!  

Chemistry: An Atom Building Game

Game Contents

  • 48 Nucleon Cards (16 Protons, 16 Neutron, & 16 Electron cards)
  • 25 Chemistry Cards
  • 100 Question Cards (10 decks covering 10 different chemistry topics)
  • 2 Quick Reference Cards

Ages: 14+
Number of Players: 2-4 (or up to 8 players, 2 on a team)                         Time: 30-50 min

Meltdown is a Cooperative Chemistry Game.

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Meltdown is a cooperative chemistry review game in which students must work together to keep a nuclear power plant from undergoing a meltdown.  As the game progresses, radioactive nuclei will undergo fission and as a result, neutrons will be emitted to continue the chain reaction.  Students must control the rate of fission by using control rods to absorb the neutrons before they collide with another nucleus.  Players must answer review questions in order to obtain the all-important control rods.  Students assume the role of an employee in a nuclear power plant: Nuclear Technician, Nuclear Scientist, Station Manager, etc.  Each role has its own special ability that students must use cooperatively in order to stop the meltdown!

Watch out for surprises along the way such as funding cuts as well as radiation leaks!  Students must stay on their toes because they never know when an Uncontrolled Chain Reaction might occur!!  

As students play Meltdown, they must work together while applying what they have learned in the classroom to achieve a common goal:  Stop the Meltdown!

Meltdown is now available!  

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Each player has a unique role with special powers!


Game Contents

1 18"x18" Game Board
1 6-sided Die
5 Pawns
22 Fission Cards
3 Uncontrolled Chain Reaction Cards
60 Question Cards
5 Employee Cards
45 Control Rod Tokens (Green Wooden Tokens)
70 Neutron Tokens (Black Wooden Tokens)
4 Manager Special Action Tokens (Blue Wooden Tokens)

  • Ages: 14+
  • Number of Players: 1-5
  • Time: 30-50 min