Board Games are Popular Again!

by Daniel D. Dulek

According the following article from the BBC, board games are making a huge resurgence.  Here is a link to the article (  Modern board games are quicker to play and are much smarter than the traditional board games.  These board games require players to actually think unlike games like most of the traditional board games.  And unlike traditional board games, modern board games force players to make choices and to live with the consequence of their decisions.  Games like Agricola, Dominion and Puerto Rico are based on the abilities of the player and not the whim of the dice.  They actually don't even have dice!

Board game are a great to play in the classroom.  Students love to play games and have fun!  Modern board gaming can teach students more than just how to roll dice.  Since these games are based on choices students will learn to be more decisive and learn how to think on their feet.  These games forces students to work with what the have.  They will learn how to make the best out a bad situation.  They learn to develop strategy.  

Elementally Fun Games, LLC has used this philosophy to create chemistry review board games.  Our games are based on ability and knowledge not on luck and the roll of the die.  The student who knows the most chemistry and makes the best choices will win the game.  In Meltdown, students actually work together to keep a nuclear power plant from melting down.  Our games have embraced the modern board game principles.  If you have not played a board game in awhile pick a new one up!  You will not be disappointed!  If you have not played a board game in a long time, you must pick one up to play with your students.  Your students will not be disappointed!


Daniel Dulek