Chemistry: An Atom Building Game 2nd Printing

by Daniel D. Dulek

Today (1/19/15) I just received the production sample of Chemistry: An Atom Building Game.  This this the 2nd printing of Chemistry:AABG and it is now fully realized.  The first version of the game was great, but seeing that it was the first game I have ever produced I didn't have the backing to add all the bells and whistles that I wanted.  Since Chemistry:AABG was first printed back in 2012, I have learned much about design, printing, production, game play and much more!  This game has it all and a more streamlined game play!

The biggest change is the game box.  This version has an official game box that is professionally printed with a linen finish.  

New Game Box with linen finish!

In the 2nd printing, I made a few changes to the game play, based on teacher and student feedback.  The changes have sped up the game play without changing the original feel of the game.  So veteran players will definitely recognize the game while appreciating the new game flow.  Below you can find a description of all the game play changes.

The game still comes with 25 Chemistry Discovery cards.  Use these chemistry discoveries to help you gain more protons, neutrons & electrons!  The new colors on the chemistry cards are designed to make game play more fair.  See Game Play Changes below for more information.

Chemistry Cards

The three Nucleons card are still the same!

Protons, Neutrons, & Electrons!

You also still get 100 Question cards covering 10 different chemistry topics!

100 Question cards!

Game Play Changes

Conversion Phase (Buy Phase)

One of the major changes to the game play occurs when you buy new cards.  In the old version players were restricted to buying a certain number of cards based on their actions.  That has been removed.  Players can now buy as many cards as they can afford.  This simplifies the rules and makes game play much faster.  

Game Set Up

Instead of having all of the chemistry cards in the draw pile, now you will draw three cards from the top of the deck.  These are the cards that are available for the players to buy during the conversion phase.  This change removes some of randomness from the game.  Instead of drawing a random card, players can now choose which card they want.  

I also changed the starting hand.  Students said that it was unfair that some players started with "better" cards at the beginning of the game.  To fix this, each player will start with the same three chemistry cards.  They are color coded so they are easy to find when setting up the game.  

Chemistry Cards

The last change was a subtle one.  I went back and made the instructions on the chemistry cards easier to understand.  For example, instead of saying "+1 Card" the cards now say "Draw 1 card from your deck" and "+1 Play" now says "Play 1 chemistry card form your hand".  I have found that this makes it easier for teachers to teach the game to the students.  

Game Rules

Here is a link to the new instructions if you are interested in taking a look:

Basic Game Rules PDF

Example of Game Play PDF

Thanks for reading,