Our newest game Molecules will be hitting Kickstarter soon and we are in need of some playtesters to give us some feedback before the game makes its big splash!  If you are interested in playtesting Molecules please fill out the following form so we can send you a FREE copy to tryout.  All we ask is that you fill out a short survey telling us what you think of the game.  You will also be given credit for your help by having your name included the game rules!  Also one lucky playtester will receive a free copy of Meltdown.  

Playtester Request Form


Molecules is a chemistry card game, where players try to collect atom cards to build various everyday molecular compounds.  Molecules is very easy to learn and fun to play.  Click here if you would like to take a look at the rules.  We would really love to hear what you think of the game!

Molecule Rules


  Molecules   a chemistry card game!

Molecules a chemistry card game!

  Molecules  a chemistry card game!

Molecules a chemistry card game!



Just about anyone!  Chemistry teachers, chemistry students, chemistry enthusiasts, gamers or anyone who likes games!

Although, not everyone who completes the form will be picked as a playtester.  We only have a few spaces open so act now!  You will be contacted by email if you are selected.  We promise no spam will follow!  If you choose we will be happy to keep you posted on updates!

Playtester Request Form